The CBL Exposure League is the best semi-pro basketball league in the United States for players that love playing the game of basketball on a competitive level. The CBL does not require players to have high school, college, or professional playing experience or background.

We cater to players that are currently playing in adult basketball leagues or competitive pick-up games, but desire a professional basketball league experience. The CBL also serves as a platform for players that would like to pursue college, overseas and professional basketball opportunities.

In the CBL we put the ball in the player's hands and no one else!


Join the CBL and get your chance to play for our cash prizes and possibly get a chance to pursue other pro basketball opportunities like these guys!


CBL to Pros Player


CBL to Pros Player


CBL to Pros Player


CBL Cash Prize Winner


CBL Cash Prize Winner


CBL Cash Prize Winner


CBL to Pros Player


CBL Cash Prize Winner

No more excuses... The ball is in your hands now!


Our quarterly league game cash prize is ALWAYS based on the player's membership level for the quarter season in each city’s league. 

Example of Regular Season Game Cash Prize:
1st Round Draft Pick Player = $100 per game win
2nd Round Draft Pick Player = $50 per game win
3rd Round Draft Pick Player = $25 per game win
Free Agent Player = $0 per game win (recommended for HS/College players)

The grand total of the quarterly season "tournament" cash prize for each city is always announced on the proceeding Monday after the player draft has closed.


  • Cash Prize for Championship Team
    Cash Prize for Championship Runner-up Team
    Cash Prize for Championship Team Coach
    Cash Prize for Championship Runner-Up Coach
    Cash Prize for Slam Dunk Champion
    Cash Prize for 3-Point Shot Champion
    General Manager and Head Coach of the Quarter Season
    Player of the Quarter Season

    **All player membership payment MUST be paid online or via our player membership payments
  • Team GMs/Coaches cannot accept payments from players.


It's Easy to Get on a CBL Team!

All you have to do is:

1. Submit your deposit to reserve your spot.
2. Submit the player draft application form.
3. Accept draft confirmation when you get drafted.


3rd Round

Draft Pick Player

2nd Round

Draft Pick Player

1st Round

Draft Pick Player



When does the league in my city start?

The CBL Exposure League is year-round. Be sure to opt-in to the player email news alert so you can get notifications about cities we have leagues going in. Official team practices begin the third week of the quarterly season and actual league play starts the fouth week within the start of the quarterly season. Click here to request the quarterly and weekly team and league schedule be emailed to you.

How much does it cost to play in the league?

All players are required to purchase a CBL player membership that ranges from $100 to $300 plus a monthly legaue fee. Players have the option to chose their membership level.

What happens if you don't have a league in my city?

It is highly unlikely that we will not have a league in the cities that we have announced because we go off of our current player database when selecting cities to start a new league. In the case that we would not have a league in a city that we have announced, we will give a 100% refund on a player deposit. Players are not eligible for a deposit refund if they opt-out and we have league play in their city. Therefore, you should not register if you are not sure you want to play in our league.

What happens after I make my player membership payment?

After you make your membership payment you will be emailed the player on-boarding information. You will need to fill out and submit your all your information. You will then be placed in the player draft pool. When the player draft opens Team Owners, General Managers, and Head Coaches will go into the CBL draft pool and draft players for their teams. The GMs are only allowed to draft registered players so every player in the database will be drafted to a team. Also, see the CBL League Launch Process section above. You will also receive additional information as we get closer to the start of the season in your city.

How long is the season and how many games do we play?

The CBL has year round quarterly seasons every 3 months. Our league seasons are 1st Quarter Season January - March, 2nd Quarter Season April - June, 3rd Quarter Season July - August, 4th Quarter Season September - December. Each team will be scheduled to play 6 regular season games plus a season ending single game elimination tournament.

How long do we have to pay our membership payment?

Our player membership is open year-round for all cities. We will sometimes offer a limited time discount on player memberships so be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox! Our player registrations usually sellout pretty fast so we highly encourage all players to secure their spot as soon as possible.